• Alevi Camping
  • Björkebo Camping
  • Blockhaus Kurs Schweden
  • Geijersholm Herrgård
  • Grinsbyn vakantiewoning
  • Highyard Sleddogs Adventure
  • Klockargården
  • Moose Adventure & Outdoor
  • Naturcamping Lagom
  • Our Little Farm
  • Rob’s Snowshoe Adventure
  • Rådastrands camping
  • Sundbergsheden Stugby
  • Snowscooter Quad Safari Sweden
  • The Green House Sunnemo
  • The Lodge Torsby
  • Värmlands Moose Park
  • Wärdshuset Klarälvdalen

Join us!

Are you an entrepreneur in tourism in Värmland and do you offer accommodation or activities? Then we would like to get in touch with you.

Explore Värmland by Hem62 is the platform for tourism entrepreneurs in Värmland. Here we present entrepreneurs who show their guests the best and most beautiful of Värmland. We work together with small-scale entrepreneurs we know personally. This is important to us because it enables us to tell an honest and enthusiastic story at events. We promote all our partners on our website(s), social media, holiday fairs and events that focus on Scandinavia both in the Netherlands and Belgium. For the promotion at events we like to bring your advertising material (leaflets, flyers, business cards).

Explore Värmland is not only an advertising board but also offers a mediation service. If a customer struggles to figure everything out on his own, he can contact us to help him. We are an intermediary between our customers and all our partners in order to be able to offer everyone the best holiday.

Hem62 was founded by Ton and Suzanne Strijbosch. In Sweden we have our home base in Stöllet and know Värmland like no other or as we say: we know every tree personally and have explored every (grus)väg. Our strength is knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm! The offer of Hem62 consists of those things we know for sure are good. We know all our partners personally. We know what our guests can expect and can tell an enthusiastic story about it.

Becoming a partner of Hem62 is easy an e-mail, whatsapp or phone call is enough. We will make an appointment first because personal contact and knowledge of your company are very important to us. We will be happy to tell you more about our approach and conditions.

Telefoon: +31 6 3417 8480